Step 4: Finalize Scope of Work

After thoroughly vetting the goal and objectives of the assessment with the donor and other key stakeholders—keeping in mind constraints related to timing and budget—you’re ready to finalize the scope of work. This should include deciding on the team, confirming dates for fieldwork, identifying key deliverables, and securing donor approval. Send the final scope of work to all key stakeholders and members of the assessment team—this will provide a shared framework for the learning phase. With local stakeholders identified and timing of the fieldwork firmed up, it is now possible to start scheduling interviews and site visits for the fieldwork step.

At this point, the team will be confirmed—so you can update the “Assessment Team” section from general roles to specific members. Starting with the team lead, followed by members according to level of seniority, include a bio for each member, outlining the number of years worked in their area of expertise, country or regional experience, professional qualifications, and planned role in the assessment.

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