Step 2: Select the Assessment Team

Selecting the right team to carry out the assessment is critical. While individual characteristics, such as relevant expertise and country familiarity, are important, an equally important consideration is how the individuals will function as a team, as an assessment is at its core a team endeavor.

The assessment team typically includes a team leader, a team coordinator, subject-matter experts and/or local health sector experts, and a local logistics coordinator.

  • International members include employees or consultants engaged by the firm carrying out the assessment, and sometimes representatives from the donor organization.
  • Local members reside in the country where the assessment is taking place. They should have a deep understanding of context, a network of contacts, and the ability to speak the local language(s).
  • Consider whether the assessment team has a gender expert—include a project gender focal point or other resource such as an in-country gender expert.

Ultimately, the size and composition of the team depends on the scope of work, country context, and available budget. A typical team consists of three to six people.

View overall team member roles and responsibilities.

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