Step 1: Disseminate Draft Report

The first step in the sharing phase is to disseminate the “master draft” for external review, preferably by reviewers who have strong technical expertise or country-specific knowledge of the material covered in the report. Reviewers should be able to identify whether the findings are plausible and whether the recommendations are actionable given the country context.

TIP ► Have one person (either the team lead or team coordinator) serve as the point person for contacting reviewers. This person should be responsible for receiving and consolidating all comments on the draft, as well as coordinating with team members to incorporate feedback into their respective sections.

External reviewers usually include experts from any organizations that provided financial or technical support to the team during the assessment process. Reviewers could include representatives from USAID headquarters or country missions, the World Bank and International Finance Corporation, other donors, and local or regional organizations—including the Ministry of Health and private sector organizations. After each round of reviews, the team lead and team coordinator should work with the experts on the specific subject matter, or local private sector experts, to incorporate feedback into their respective sections.

TIP ► If an in-country validation and prioritization workshop is not feasible, the external review stage should include a wider range of local stakeholders. Representatives from medical councils, private sector associations, NGOs, and private provider networks, among others, should all have a chance to review the report and provide feedback.

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